Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Plank Wall - Cont.

A friend told me the other day "Your Pinterest projects work out so much better than mine".  I laughed a little becuase I've definitely had some major FAILS when it came to trying Pinterest projects. But that's another day!  The plank wall was definitely inspired from Pinterest and all the amazing blogs I stalk.

Richard is so great...I say, I want a plank wall and he's got it.  In his head he already knew exactly how he was going to do it - didn't write anything down - did all the planning in his head.  Kind of like this.  I told him I wanted a console table for behind my couch.  Like this one from Ana White:

I like how it's rustic and charming and fits right behind the couch.  Perfect...and it comes with plans!  Even more perfect.  So I show this to Richard and he's like...yeah, we can do that.   And ya know what he does.  He makes it - no plans - no real measurements...just makes it.  And it's so beyond perfect and I am in love with how it turned out.'s amazing.  It took him a couple hours to make..pretty sure it took longer to paint than it did for him to build it.  Haha!

(PS...don't mind the fugly tile and's a rental house R's family with what ya got!!!)  Anyways...point to all this rambling is...he winged it.  Another PS...he's a carpenter by trade so that's how he can just figure it all out in his head.


Back to the plank wall.  He got it all hung up and we decided where we wanted it to stop.  I said...oh...about here (and pointed to the wall) and that's how we figured that out.  Super technical.

We keep a clean work area.....ha.

Paint color for the plank wall is Rhino by Behr.

Paint color for the walls is Pensive Sky by Behr (it's actually a little more gray than blue)

And here's a sneak peek at the whole bathroom.  It' definitely coming together. 

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