Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Plank Wall

I knew I wanted one in the house but where to put it was the problem.  I first thought I'd want a pallet wall.  

Like this one:

I love's beautiful (her whole house is) but I wasn't sure it was for me.  Since this will be a rental house once we move out we wanted to go for something that was more timeless.  I love the pallet wall and want one...ooohh maybe pallet this:

Seriously...a beautiful statement piece in the room.  (making mental note to show Richard this!)

But onto what we decided to do.  A painted plank wall.

Inspiration from this:

And this:

(Side Note: The House of Smiths is one of my FAVORITE blogs to follow)

And of course...the inspiration for the whole bathroom:

We decided to stop the plank wall similarly to how they stopped theirs.  We used pre-sanded 1/4" plywood that Richard cut into 6" strips and did a shiplap edge so they'd interlock.

Secret:  we didn't patch the sheetrock (see!).  Richard hates doing sheetrock we just put the boards over it.  He's the he gets final say in this department! ;)

Here she is...beautiful!  And see the floor!  Tile went in over the weekend and we grouted on Monday night.

And here's a sneak peek at colors and the countertops (swoon-worthy for sure)!

Slowly but's coming together!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Bathroom Remodel...Part 1

The bathroom in this house wasn't as functional as we wanted.  The layout was weird and didn't offer any storage (towels, TP, etc) except for the small space under the current vanity.  So we demo-ed the whole it!  The tub stays because it would be too difficult to get it out of the small doorway without completely ruining it...which we didn't want to do.  I'm not a fan of throwing away perfectly good, used things when someone else could benefit from it (ie: Habitat Re-Store, Goodwill, Etc.)  So it stayed.  I don't love it but it's not horrible...and it will be covered with a pretty curtain anyways! :)

So here's what we started with:

This view is standing in the main living area.

These are terrible iPhone pictures....sorry!  I should try to remember to bring the actual camera!

The door way on the right side leads into the master's being removed because the vanity will swap sides to be on the same side as the toilet.

These next two pictures are taken from standing in the master bedroom....which will be sheetrocked over and gone!

 Can't say I'm sad to see this bathroom go!!!!