Thursday, January 31, 2013

In the beginning...

The Waverly House remodel has begun!  We're hoping to accomplish this all over the next 6 months.

We're starting in....

The Bathroom...this is almost a complete overhaul.  Everything will be replaced except the tub.  We had ideas but not a solid design concept...and then came this little gem of a bathroom:

And then it was a no brainer as to what we we're going to do!  Plank wall, butcher block counter tops   Done and done!  We've been working all week on these two things...can't wait to see it all come together!

In conjunction with the bathroom we're adding a knee wall (already framed and ready for sheetrock) to divide the living room and kitchen while keeping the openness of the house.  Also will provide us some place to eat (an amazing bar top is in the works) since there is no place to really put a eating table.  

Next we'll move onto the kitchen.  This will be our largest part of the remodel. The inspiration for the Kitchen comes from Martha Stewart's Ox Hill Design:

Our kitchen is MUCH smaller!  But we're using the same paint for the walls and cabinets (Richard will build these too!)  We've picked out modest Formica countertops (since this isn't a long term house we didn't want to put too much into it...just enough to make it ours).  We'll inherit a sink from my parents (simple, white, double basin).  We'll buy a new faucet and lighting. 

After the kitchen we'll just have to replace carpet in three rooms (living room, master bedroom, guest bedroom/office) and paint.  Not too bad but it will completely change the house.  We're also considering painting the trim on the house...which is like 6 windows and two doors...easy peasy!  Annnddd hopefully a screened in porch!