Thursday, April 18, 2013

Putting In Cabinets & Counter tops

This is where it gets exciting. Finally real progress of a real bathroom.  Richard installed the cabinet and counter tops while I was at work one day.  It was such a nice surprise!  

Unfinished Counter tops

After we finished the counter tops (sand, condition, stain, sand, stain, sand, poly, sand, poly, sand, wax, buff) we got to work painting the cabinets.  Stock, semi-gloss white from Behr - straight from the shelf, all the guy did was shake it up for us.

We brushed the paint on for the whole thing.  Was that the best option - probably not - but it turned out really good.  Only took a bazillion days to finish.  (paint, sand, paint, sand, paint, sand, etc)

Bad lighting - sorry - but we got the tower shelf up and the sink and new faucet in.

The faucet was a steal on Amazon (plus we have prime which gives us free shipping...always makes me feel like I'm getting a deal! ha)

Doors and drawer fronts went on (missing a few handles on the doors) and got the mirror put up.  We reused the mirror that was already in the bathroom - R just built a simple frame and I painted it white to match.

I love how it looks. It's better than I imagined.  We also opted to put doors on the top shelf in the tower part and I'm really glad we did - it would have been too open and weird if we didn't.  

And here's my PITiful photo-bomber.  He's not always sad...he just likes the attention it gets him! 

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