Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Plank Wall

I knew I wanted one in the house but where to put it was the problem.  I first thought I'd want a pallet wall.  

Like this one:

I love's beautiful (her whole house is) but I wasn't sure it was for me.  Since this will be a rental house once we move out we wanted to go for something that was more timeless.  I love the pallet wall and want one...ooohh maybe pallet this:

Seriously...a beautiful statement piece in the room.  (making mental note to show Richard this!)

But onto what we decided to do.  A painted plank wall.

Inspiration from this:

And this:

(Side Note: The House of Smiths is one of my FAVORITE blogs to follow)

And of course...the inspiration for the whole bathroom:

We decided to stop the plank wall similarly to how they stopped theirs.  We used pre-sanded 1/4" plywood that Richard cut into 6" strips and did a shiplap edge so they'd interlock.

Secret:  we didn't patch the sheetrock (see!).  Richard hates doing sheetrock we just put the boards over it.  He's the he gets final say in this department! ;)

Here she is...beautiful!  And see the floor!  Tile went in over the weekend and we grouted on Monday night.

And here's a sneak peek at colors and the countertops (swoon-worthy for sure)!

Slowly but's coming together!

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